Exogenesis Super Duper Mega Update!

Kept you waiting, huh?

Over the weekend a major update to Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~ has been made live. We've taken and addressed all your feedback, and we hope you enjoy the improvements we've made to the game.

Please take a look at the patch notes below!


  • Greatly reduced CPU load
  • Improved sound design, including adding a lot more SFX on interactions and better BGM use
  • Cleaning all scenes of actors used so they don't interfere with prefabs. Destructive, requiring full playthrough again to safeguard.
  • CG added to end of Chapter 5
  • Text dialogue now matches with voiced dialogue
  • Fixed inconsistent animation issues due to prefabs
  • Yu intro monologue can no longer be skipped by mistake


  • Fixed title screen visual glitch
  • Fixed Crematory wall hint disappearing/duplicating
  • Fixed Crematory zoomed out version to display correctly

Character Sprites

  • Fixed Psych Ward Doctor duplicating, low-res, and misaligned elements issues
  • Eiji now wears the right outfit at all times
  • Adjusted sprite usage dring CG scenes
  • Fixed Gunther's glitched animation transition
  • Mikha'el now speaks properly
  • Minor facial adjustments to some characters
  • Added new Hayami animations
  • Fixed Hayami inappropriate comical expression
  • Removed instances where a character may stay on screen when they shouldn't


  • Improved flow of intro scene through first chapter
  • Fixed Crim's profile showing as Eiji's in one instance
  • Added dialogue to various object interactions
  • Various improvements to puzzle rooms, such as adding new interaction dialogue and hints, interactive objects keeping their state when you leave them, better inventory checks, and many more
  • Fixed instances where items may disappear during certain scenes
  • Fixed choice logic and disappearing issue when talking to Yaz
  • Fixed unintended carry over of items upon leaving Cleanroom
  • Fixed math puzzle scaling in planetarium.
  • Trading minigame logic and hints now more obvious

UI/Save System

  • Right click now opens/closes menu
  • Fixed instances of game not saving properly
  • Text log now accessible in player inventory screen
  • Fixed system issues that caused menu buttons to stop working
  • Inventory box no longer show up in certain transitions
  • Fixed various instances where the UI may disappear
  • Fixed text log button UI inconsistency and now starts at last text displayed


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Version 2 Sep 23, 2019

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